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My company was founded in2017Years09Month27Day,The valley of new registered in jinan, shandong jinan high-tech zone innovation20252 area3Building the second flooraaaa0000002A007,Scope of business is the numerical control technology development of equipment and accessories、Production、Sales、Maintenance and repair,Mainly engaged in woodworking CNC lathe,Woodworking engraving machine,Biaxial nc woodworking lathe and so on,The registered capital of ten thousand yuan。Company is located in shandong jinan HuaiYin District jinan HuaiYin District through ten road tianshun industrial park,Famous private companies in mechanical processing industry。As a professional shandong CNC woodworking turning lathe factory sales(Manufacturing)The company,The company USES the excellent network technology and strict management system,Adhere to“Let customer satisfaction,Profit for our customers”For the purpose of the service,To serve our customers heart and soul。

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