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  • Capgemini dubai beauty beauty of development,Compaction“Internal and external and repairing”The road to internationalization

    The only buildings into the sky,High shopping paradise,《One thousand a night》One of the birthplace of the fairy tale,Building on the desert“Large oasis”The rich prosperous,In the ancient civilization and fashion trend...

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  • For their power and health in China|Capgemini series debut xingfa fair,Create a health care XinJingJie

    2019Years3Month9Day,29th xingfa square hair beauty products cosmetics procurement section(Nickname (s):Xingfa fair)Perfect in baiyun district xingfa square,The exhibition held over time5...

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  • Bologna, Italy international beauty show,Capgemini dressed up again

    2019Years3Month14Day,Bologna, Italy international beauty show in northern Italy famous historical and cultural city of bolognaCosmoprofWas held,Attracted26And a country...

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  • Hong Kong asia-pacific beauty exhibition|Capgemini shine brilliantly,Accelerate brand go out

    Hong Kong in November,There were in the summer,2018In Asia Pacific beauty exhibition(Hereinafter referred to as the Asia Pacific)Also hot on the four days,And in11Month16Perfect day。As a...

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  • Sequel to the international exhibition of legend,Capgemini again the screen on the Russia international beauty salon exposition

    ?Rapid development of the market of hairdressing products in Russia,Is the European Russia is the first in Europe4Big beauty market,This is an annual one“The Russian international beauty salon exposition”Laid a good foundation。...

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  • Beauty expo hitting|- the beauty industry,See how capgemini beckoning

    Every beauty expo is the beauty industry of guangzhou each big enterprise, the director of the stage,And many in the industry insight into industry trends、Understand the importance of purchasing products channels from close range。The first high-profile50The widely...

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  • 5The Shanghai hongqiao beauty expo,The capgemini pavilion here?

    ??????????????5Month??21Day,The first49TermsCIBEBeauty expo in Shanghai hongqiao state exhibition center came to a close。????Capgemini as exhibitors,...

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  • Capgemini2018Bologna, Italy international beauty show

    3Month16Day,Bologna, Italy international beauty show grand opening。 The focus of attention of global beauty industry, beauty exhibition,This year attracted from all over the world2000Many exhibitors,...

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  • Capgemini department of chongqing,A professional dyeing technology

    A year of popular grandma ash and green vegetation,Ultraviolet light color is popular this year。Hair trend really is rapidly changing,Don't want to be fashion and consumers,Can only keep learning,In the first place...

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